10 Free Design Elements To Beautify Your Website

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123  Now lets check out some freebies and add mojo to any website:                                            

                                         A Free WordPress Theme from CyberChimps


Themes can instantly change the entire look of the website and almost at no cost. This one such theme that you can grab for free is clutter-free and exemplifies the concept of beauty lying in simplicity.

Powerfully built and a responsive layout makes this theme a star performer with more than 1.5 million downloads already. If you are looking for a theme that breathes sophistication in your current website and give the centre stage to your content, then this is the one for you.

The theme is completely editable and SEO friendly as well.
Download link.

                                       32 Free Christmas vector icons


Christmas is synonymous with happiness. Everything that projects Christmas instantly makes you happy whether it is those cutesy snowflakes or Santa stockings.

Bring that same happiness to your work too with these Christmas-centric vector icons. Use them on posters and web pages alike to bring in the festive season with aplomb. These vector icons comprising but not limited to Santa’s face, snowman, Christmas tree, bells, candy, and reindeer can help proclaim a special Christmas sale or put on Christmas party invites.

Although these are specifically Christmas icons, some of the elements can be worked into other projects too.
Download link.

                                   Break – A Modern Free Font


The fonts are called ‘Break’ because it gives you a chance to break through the boring monotonous fonts and go for something sassy that makes your text look sleeker and uplift the background it is put against.

Choose from 5 different weights, the fonts consist of all major elements required like upper and lower case alphabets, numbers and even symbols. Use these fonts any way you like but it comes out best for something that spells bespoke and luxury.

Available in TTF format, you can download this instantly.
Download link.

105 Editable Call To Action Buttons for FREE

You don’t pay any attention to the Call to Action button, don’t even deny that, we’re all guilty of neglecting the CTA button more than our new year resolutions. But what you don’t know is that the CTA button can also persuade the reader to click.

Besides getting attention to what you want your readers to do, the CTA button can also add to the overall look by complementing the theme of the website. And with 105 different options, you are bound to find one that would work for almost every website color scheme and fonts.
Download link.

Vector Infographic Elements on the house


A lot of designers are now regularly working on Infographics, which means that they have an unending need for Infographic elements like the ones you find in this pack.

With all the basic elements collected for you in one pack, this deal is a must-download for anyone serious about Infographics. It would make your work easier and quick. Plus stocking up on resources never hurts.

Get speech bubbles, charts and graphs all in one place with this awesome freebie.
Download link.

96 Free Vector Icons to Increase your Click Rate


Icons are self explanatory and help to communicate any message you wish to convey to your readers. Plus it makes it easy for readers to make sense of the context in certain convoluted text-heavy websites.

And icons also double up as call to action buttons too in the right frame. These vector icons that you get at no cost are a must-have for every designer. They pan some really common categories like business, money, restaurant and medical and some can be reused for other categories too.

The icons will help increase click-through rate as well, which comes particularly helpful to the overall conversion rate if the icon is also the CTA button. Vibrantly done, the icons can be used on any background.
Download link.

Get a killer online portfolio with free jQuery grid gallery


Creativity needs to be put on display, especially if you expect to make a living out of it or seek fame through carving your own niche through your work. Of course, what good is anything creative if it isn’t expressed, right?

So we help you do just that with the jQuery grid gallery that throws the limelight on your choicest works for the world to see. A responsive layout makes it easy to automatically adapt the content according to the device it is viewed on.

Including features like horizontal/vertical modes, video preview support, and cross browser compatibility to name but a few, this deal is perfect for artists, cartoonists and even web designers who want to showcase their own work.
Download link.


Free WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin

Most people think a timer plugin is something only e-commerce websites have a need for. They are unfortunately hugely mistaken.

A ticking clock is a great persuasion technique, it creates an element of scarcity prompting a prospect to click on your call to action button, and it could also help generate interest regarding an upcoming event or a product launch. So every website – from a training-based education site to blog-based ones – will benefit from this.

The timer goes both up and down and you can choose from a couple of different skin colors.
Download link.

Smashicons: 200 Free Flat Icons

Sure as a designer you know that icons make up for an important part of any website. Besides explaining the content in lesser space than text-based explanations, they also help to break the monotone of text and add to the visual appeal of the page.

These 200 icons have been handpicked from over thousands of options to bring to you some of the most common and some of the most quirky ones all in one. Use them on posters and web pages alike and spruce up your work while adding practicality to it.
Download link.

70 Free Vector Icons for Touch Screen Gestures


Building an app is the first step but not the complete process. You also need to communicate its features and functions to investors and users alike. And for that it’s best to use gestures instead of trying to explain how to capture a screenshot through words.

We say an icon is worth a thousand words, especially when you need to communicate snippets of information. These 70 touch screen gesture icons are perfect to be included in demos, manuals, presentations and banners.
Download link.
Which of the deals did you like best?

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