2016 The Best Optimizer for Windows 8

Being curious about how to optimize Windows 8 computer, take it easy. The guide can help you fix all common troubles about Windows system, such as run slow, no space and others. Learn more details below.

Top 1: Open My Computer or the file on the desktop if there will be card, dayton phenomenon?

Step 1: If you use the system comes with anti-virus software, use Windows Defender to scan the system to exclude future checks exe files. Direct access control panel win + x “method” – “Control Panel”.
Step 2: Also on the right mouse on the computer, select “Start”. Mouse into the lower left corner, click the arrow that appears. To Find the control panel, select a small icon.

Step 3: Open selected Windows defender and find “setup”, select files to exclude.
Step 4: If you are not using the system comes with anti-virus software and firewalls, it is recommended to turn off Windows Defender feature, the real-time protection is enabled check out and save it.


Top 2: Turn off IPV6, preventing some users boot suspended animation.

Step 1: Did not make the user can choose IPV6, Ipv6 is not possible to detect http://test-ipv6.com/.

Step 2: Control Panel — Network Sharing Center. Change Adapter Settings. WiFi, and Ethernet are successively disposed cancel IPV6 option.
Step 3: Right respectively wlan, select “Ethernet”- “Properties” to remove the hook before IPV6.

Top 3: Close the Disk Defragmenter program.

Step 1: Just develop good timing disk defragmentation, cannot this option eliminates the time was working, the computer automatically appear defragmentation, affect the computer.

Step 2: Computer desktop click Personalize-“Administrative Tools” in the pop-up interface search, and click to enter. Defragmentation and optimization to find the drive.
Step 3: Click Change settings, remove the hook, “scheduled to run” before.

Top 4: Turn off the system effects.

Step 1: Right My Computer, then find properties “Advanced System Settings”. Select Performance Settings, after that select “Effect” fade.
Step 2: At this time, when opening folders and software, the speed is very fast, but also lost some of its effects. Other effects can also choose whether you need.

Windows Care Genius is the best optimizer for Windows 8.

Windows Care Genius is such a all in one tool to help you keep your computer clean, run fast and trouble free.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Care Genius on your computer. Click system cleaner to scan your Windows 8 computer.
Step 2: After scanning, all registries will be deleted, click clean to optimize your computer.

All above is to teach you how to optimize Windows 8 computer in simple way. If  there is something wrong in the optimizing process, you can leave your problem in our site comment section, we will reply to you in the first time.


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