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The Windows registry is a large database, which is able to manage a number of information. Windows registry can collect various information resource and storage lots of configuration information. According to this principle, Microsoft Windows 10 adopts the registry to accommodate application and computer system configuration information, which is used to manage application and files, hardware device specification, state attribute and sundry status message and data, etc.


Since Windows 10 registry is able to stockpile huge data, sometimes it is easy to leave useless information in it. Such as you unload a software, its registration information is still in the registry. However, as time goes by, you are not just uninstall one software, it may be more and more unnecessary information in Windows 10 registry, so you need to clean them up, otherwise, your Windows 10 will run slowly. At this time, you need to use a kind of registry cleaner, such as Windows Care Genius.

There is no doubt that Tenorshare Windows Care Genius is the best registry cleaner for Windows 10 in my eyes. I get to know this tool from my best friend and it is true to be in good use. What is worth mentioning, this software is not only support registry cleaner, it can also be used to check PC, clean system, tune up system, protect privacy, monitor system. Well, it is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, now let’s see how to use it step by step in details.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Care Genius to your computer from its official website.
Step 2: Open this software by double clicks and then you can see the main user interface of this tool.

Step 3: From the 5 menus, choose System Cleaner, and then you can see the information about it, then just click Scan button. The software will begin the cleaning for you.

Step 4: Wait for a moment, and then your Windows 10 registry will be cleaned. If you haven’t cleaned your registry yet, an instant scan is recommended.

Note: You can also use the custom area to set up the cleaning.

Well, that’s all about this best registry cleaner, about more information, you can visit

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