Fix windows 8 blue screen on startup when automatic repair fails

Windows 8 blue screen is not dreadful

Since Microsoft Corporation launch windows 8, this version of operating system is popular among windows’ supporters base on its beautiful interface and excellent function. It owns better performance on boot speed and processing efficiency compare with previous windows version. But it is still need to be improved due to less than perfect. For example, windows 8 blue screen of death may still occurs according to some users’ response and automatic repair can’t work. That should be an annoying issue for many users, however, we can totally fix the issue by the following soultions.
How to fix windows 8 blue screen

What should be done when you are facing blue screen on windows 8

Windows 8 bsod error can be caused by hardware or drive issues. Such as software error in windows system when device drive was poorly written. Faults from physical hardware like faulty ram memory, power supplies,components overheating, or the hardware is over running,etc. All of these issues can be the original causes of windows 8 crash with blue screen.

Automatic Repair is attached to the operating system, its function is to intercede the operating system’s startup issues at the first hint. At the time a startup problem is detected, an automated would be launched by the Automatic Repair, the diagnostics-based troubleshooter doesn’t need any intervention and in generally it will resuscitate an unbootable system. It is not always effective if the problem on startup is too severe. So we should take the following measure once the automatic repair fails.

Create a bootable disk by Windows Boot Genius, then boot your computer from it. After that, launch Windows Boot Genius from the desktop under the WinPE environment, start fixing windows 8 blue screen through the instruction of the wizard. The whole rescue process would be accomplished whin five minutes if you are efficient enough. At last, you windows 8 will go on work well again.
fix windows 8 blue screen with windows boot genius
To fix windows 8 bsod screen, you just need to calm down and fix the issue step by step as above. You needn’t know well about computer but a little confidence, then you would bring your windows 8 back to work with ease. Just have a try!

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