Free Windows System Boot Repair Software like EasyBCD or EasyRE

There is no denying that Microsoft Windows operating system is one of the great inventions in the field of technology. However, it is not always runs well every time for some reasons. As time goes by, there is something wrong with it, such as black screen of death, blue screen of death, Windows won’t start, computer won’t boot up or any other errors. That is actually a disaster for those who know little about computer. But you really don’t need to worry about that too much. When a problem occurs, a solution will next to it. Here in this article, we will discuss about the free way to repair Windows system boot, such as EasyBCD, EasyRE and Windows Boot Genius.

Way 1: EasyBCD

EasyBCD has a non-commercial version and commercial version. The former is free but it is limited and it is no early access to new features and it is only support personal users. The latter is able to work with enterprise and professional editions of Windows. What’s more, the software can upgrade to new releases automatically. However, it can’t fix a computer that won’t boot. That’s the disadvantage of it.


Way 2: EasyRE (Easy Recovery Essentials)

EasyRE is a bootable Windows repair application. You can use it to scan your PC and it will find out the problems in your computer and fix them finally. It helps you with blue screens, disk corruption, registry failure, virus infections and bootloader issues. The price of this software ranges from $19.75 to $99.99. It is not free but has a free trial and you can download it from its official website, Then decide to pay for it or not.


Way 3: Windows Boot Genius [Recommended]

As powerful software that integrates the function of EasyBCD and EasyRE, it seems that Windows Boot Genius is better than the other computer repair tools. It includes several functions in this program and nearly all the Windows system problems can be fixed by using this application. In usual, it contains 5 big functions:

  1. Create a boot disk: use CD/DVD/USB to create a bootable disk.
  2. Windows Rescue: fix all the common Windows problems, such as blue screen, black screen, windows won’t boot, computer won’t start, bootmgr is missing, etc.
  3. Password &Key Recovery: reset or remove your Windows login password and find out your Windows computer product key.
  4. Data Recovery: recover your deleted data in your personal computer.
  5. Disk tools: backup and restore your data, partition manager and data wipe.


It is really professional and easy-to-use. You can download it from and try to use it for free. Then make up your mind to decide whether to pay for it.

That’s all about the free ways to repair your Windows system. As far as I am concerned, even though they are not totally free, I have tried my best to provide the whole information for you. Thanks for reading my article. Wish you happy every day.

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