How to clean Cookies and Cache in Windows 10

We know when your browser cookies and cache have not cleaned for a long time, then browser speed will much slower than before. So how can we clean cookies and cache in Windows 10 for all browser in easy way. Top ways as below can give you answers.

Browser is an essential tool for people on the Internet, whether it is using IE browser or browser, use the browser’s process will produce large amounts of image data such as cache, occupy cyberspace, and the browser will collect cookie data, in order to improve PC performance and protection of personal privacy, delete these data are essential.

How to clean IE browser Cookies and Cache on Windows 10

Step 1: Open IE browser, click the upper right corner of the gear settings icon, select the “Security” – “Delete Browsing History
Step 2: Select the type of data you want to delete (temporary files, cookie, etc.), click Delete.
Step 3: Wait deleted, a message will prompt completion.

How to clean Google browser Cookies and Cache in Windows 10

Google browser has a higher loading speed, and its cache is huge, it is necessary to periodically remove. Click on the top right menu, select Tools.

windows 10-9
Step 1: Under tools select the “Clear browsing data.”
Step 2: To check the following relevant data (usually selected by default), click on the “Clear browsing data” button.
Cleanup is not generally choose cookie, and therefore need to manually select, although clear cookie clears your browser’s login status and a variety of navigation information, but for personal information security remember to be cleaned regularly.

How to clean Firefox browser Cookies and Cache in Windows 10

Step 1: In the “Tools” menu, select “Clear Private Data.” Click “Clear Private Data”.
Step 2: Checking the items to be cleared, we recommend checking the “Saved Form and Search History”, “cache”, “Cookies”, “verified session” and click “Clear Private Data”.

How to use Windows Care Genius to clean Cookies and Cache in Windows 10

windows care genius
Windows Care Genius provides PC Checkup, helping you find the potential security problems and improvable items. The checkup items include useless file, unwanted traces, invalid registry entries, and privacy issues.
Step1: Download and install Windows Care Genius on your Windows 10 computer.

Step2: Starting Windows Care Genius on your computer, then choose system Cleaner to clean cookies and cache.
Step3: After that, you can restart the browser to check its running speed.

When you finished reading whole post, have you mastered how to clean cookies and cache in Windows 10? If not, take it easy, you can read again to get answers.

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