How to Fix Boot Manager Windows 10

“Oh, god. How to fix boot manager Windows 10 is so difficult to me. I have no knowledge in that field, can you teach me how to fix it easily.” Below we can get answers.

How to create a Windows 10 system repair disc
Step 1: Enter the beginning of the window to the right of the search bar “Backup” keyword, the pop-up menu, select the best match in the “Backup and Restore”.
Step 2: You can also go to the desktop “Control Panel”, the top-right corner of the view drop-down menu, and select “icon”.

Step 3: Next, select in the third row of the second column “backup and restore” tools, enter the step operation.
Step 4: After entering the backup and restore tool to select the left tree menu “create a system repair disc” option.

Step 5: Windows 10 will automatically find the local burner and check whether there is a blank disc into, such as checking the recorder will enter.
Step 6: In the backup and restore window can also choose to set the backup menu, generates the backup file on the local hard disk or network, even if this cannot be repaired, it can be restored from a backup.


How to repair Windows 10 system starts the boot entry
Step 1: If you do not want to reinstall Windows 10, then Easy BCD can only be used to repair the system boot entry. To download the software, then installed, open into the main program interface, select “Advanced Settings” options on the left in this one.

Step 2: Go to Advanced options on the right window, “select an operating system”, the current default is Windows7, open its drop-down box.
Step 3: In the Open drop-down box, select “Microsoft Windows 10” this one.

Step 4: In the “Change Settings” window, select the “Basic” this one, in its interface, the drive entry is blank, this one is not elected on the drive, which leads to boot entries cannot be displayed at startup.
Step 5: Open the drive drop-down box, because Windows 10 system in the D drive, so choose D this one in the drop-down list.

Step 6: When the selection is complete, you need to save at the last setting, press “Save Settings” button, Windows 10 no boot problem is solved.
Step 7: Restart the computer, enter the system boot screen, you can see a Windows 10 system boot entry, Windows 10 boot entries as “Windows Technical Preview” this one, to the screen, immediately press the up and down arrow keys, select “Windows Technical Preview”, carriage return , you can enter the D disk Windows 10 systems.

How to use Windows Boot Genius to fix boot manager Windows 10
Windows Boot Genius is a all in one powerful tool to fix common Windows issues in easy way. Such as Windows black/blue screen of death, Windows freezing, cracking and so on.

windows boot genius

Step 1: Download and install Windows Boot Genius on any accessible computer.
Step 2: Using a CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows boot genius on it. Then insert the newly created boot disk to the unworkable computer.
Step 3: Booting the computer from the boot disk. Only in several minutes, you can fix your boot troubles quickly and easily.

After reading the whole article, have you mastered how to fix the top 2 common issues about Windows boot. If not, you can read again to learn how to fix boot manager Windows 10 carefully.


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