How to Fix Disable Secure Boot in BIOS Windows 10

In the case that Windows 10 disable secure boot in bios, how can we fix it in easy way? If you are not good at this subject, we can learn how to fix disable secure boot in bios Windows 10 as below.

How to use Windows Boot Genius to fix disable secure boot in Bios Windows 10

Windows Boot Genius is a all in one tool to help us fix Windows common issues, such as Windows boot black/blue screen of death, Windows crashing, freezing and so on. We can learn its detail functions as below.
Step 1: Download Windows Boot Genius and install it on any workable computer.

Step 2: Using a blank CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Boot Genius on it and then insert the newly created disk to the Windows 10 computer that secures boot disabled.
Step 3: Restart the Windows 10 computer that boot disabled, you can boot the computer easily.
Windows 10 after startup cannot enter the BIOS to do?

windows boot genius

How to fix Windows 10 startup cannot enter the BIOS

Method 1: To directly point to restart.
Windows 10 quick resume technology only works on shutdown; direct the “reset” is equivalent to allow the system to temporarily turn off the quick launch technology.
Method 2: To completely turn off fast boot technology.
Completely turn off fast boot technology is the process–start menu – power management – right mouse button–requires a password to wake up call – change the settings currently unavailable – cancel “√” quick launch.

Windows10 the fastest startup settings-BIOS settings

Windows 10 the fastest way to start is UEFI is the Legacy BIOS yet? If your motherboard supports, UEFI, of course!
UEFI boot settings for Windows 10.
First, see what your win10 startup mode:

Method 1:
Step 1: When the operating system is installed, the Setup program will gather some necessary information, computer startup mode is one of them.
Step 2: The Setupact.log file found in the C:\Windows\Panther folder of your computer, open with Notepad.
Step 3: And then search for Detected Boot Environment, where you can see the system startup mode.

Method 2:
Step 1: Press Win+R to open run, type msinfo32, and return to view system information.
Step 2: In BIOS mode if the display “tradition”, the system startup mode to Legacy BIOS if the UEFI, displays the UEFI.

windows 10-9

Second, modifying the way you Windows 10:
With the computer the BIOS settings screen is not the same, but you need to set options are basically the same, only the location has changed. Aside from knowing how to operate, it is best to know why they are doing so you can do the status quo!

Step 1: Press the power button (or restart), when the system shuts down the computer to restart, press the shortcut keys repeatedly to interrupt boot to enter BIOS Setup interface.
Note: keys for different computer enter the BIOS is different, usually the F1, F2, DEL, ESC etc. Specific setup options are as follows.

Boot Start Mode selection
This option is still in “startup (Startup)” tab, the Boot Mode (start), which is the main setting when you switch UEFI/Legacy BIOS option. Generally there are three options:

Option 1: Auto: automatically start in the in the list of boot devices order, UEFI takes precedence.
Option 2: UEFI: select only the device boot UEFI launch conditions.
Option 3: Legacy: only select devices that have a Legacy boot criteria.
You need to select one. After that, you can change your Windows start mode in easy way.

After reading the whole article, have you learned how to fix disable secure boot in Bios Windows 10. If not, you can read again. Good luck to you.

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