How to Use Bootable Recovery Software for Windows 10

Have you ever suffered from Windows 10 blue/black screen of death, or Windows 10 freezing/crashing and any other boot troubles? If yes, below you can learn how to use a bootable recovery software for Windows 10 to deal these issues.

Windows 10 full version for no reason automatically restart solutions

Option 1:
Step 1: Click the lower left corner of the desktop version of Windows 10 official “Windows” button, click “File Explorer” item from the open into the extended panel.
Step 2: To go to “File Explorer” interface, from the right to find “This Computer” icon, right-click and from the pop-up menu, select “Properties” item.

Step 3: Opens the “Control” window, find the “Advanced System Settings” button on the left click to enter detailed setting interface.
Step 4: After opening the “System Properties” window, switch to the “Advanced” tab, click “Enable and Recovery” section in the “Settings” button.

Step 5: From the opening “Startup and Recovery” window in the “system failure” section Clear the check “Automatically restart” item, click “OK” to complete the setup.
If, after the above settings are still unable to resolve the problem of the system to automatically restart, then we need to set the following.


Option 2:
Step 1: Right-click the “Windows” button, select “Run” item from the context menu.
Step 2: From the open “Run” window, enter “ms config” and press Enter to enter the System Configuration Utility main screen.

Step 3: In the “System Settings” screen, switch to the “General” tab, check “Diagnostic Startup” item, click “OK” button to restart the computer.
Step 4: When the system reboot is complete, re-enter the “System Configuration” screen, switch to the “Service” tab, check “Hide Windows Services”, and also check the items you want with the system from the start, and click “OK” to complete .

Option 3:
Step 1: Turn into the “Control Panel” – “Power Options” screen, click on the left of the “Select a power button functions” button.
Step 2: From the open a new screen, click “Change settings that are currently unavailable” item.

Step 3: In the “System Settings” screen from the “Shutdown Settings” section, clear the check “Enable Quick Start,” click “Save changes” button. Thus questions about the computer automatically restarts it will be resolved.

Windows Boot Genius-The most powerful Bootable recovery software for Windows 10

windows boot genius

Step 1: Download and install Windows Boot Genius on any accessible computer. Run the program on your computer.
Step 2: Using prepared CD/DVD or USB disk to burn Windows Boot Genius on it. Then insert the newly create bootable disk to the Windows 10 computer that won’t boot.

Step 3: Here to press F12 and set boot by up and down arrow keys. You can do that from hard drive or other disks. After that, you can see an integrated page of the program. It means you have boot to Windows 10 successfully.

In the end, have you got how to use the Windows 10 bootable recovery software to fix Windows 10 boot issues in several minutes? If you have any other troubles in Windows 10, you can leave it on our site comment sections. We will help you in the first time.

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