What if windows 8 won’t boot and automatic repair isn’t solving anything?

A trouble of windows 8 won’t start “So the Windows 8 installation FINALLY worked, thanks to tech support. However, it wouldnt read my NVidia GPU Driver CD, so I restarted the PC. Now it won’t even boot up. It tries and fails twice before saying Automatic Repair failed. And I … Continue reading

How to repair windows won’t start

Windows won’t start can take place at any time, it is often caused by unexpected system errors such as “BOOTMGR is Compressed”, “Missing or corrupt Ntfs.sys”, “hal.dll missing”, ” MBR Error “, “invalid boot.ini”,”bad sectors”,”Disk Boot Failure”, “Invalid Partition Table”, “Error loading operating system”, “ntoskrnl.exe missing”. They are the common … Continue reading

Baby steps to fix computer crash and computer keeps restarting

Why computer crash or keeps restarting If you’re reading this article, I do think you might have gotten the problem-your computer keeps restarting or crash now. Don’t worried, these problems could be fixed easily if you’re able to get a proper solution. There you can receive many relevant informations online, … Continue reading

Solutions to “bootmgr is missing” and “hard drive failure”

Why your computer runs into hard drive failure? For anyone who is reading this article, I’m sure you might have gotten the problem-your computer runs into bootmgr is missing or Hard disk failure now. Don’t worried, the problems usually can be fixed easily when you take a proper solution. There … Continue reading

When windows 7 recovery disk is in need

In the position that you are unable to start Windows or wish to restore your hard drives to a previous backup you can use a windows recovery disk to restore your system. The process would overwrite the whole contents of your hard drives with the contents of a previously created … Continue reading

Take it easy about computer freezes

If you’re scanning this article, I’m sure you could have gotten the trouble-your computer freezes now. But you’re lucky to read this tutorial I write, it is very easy to fix the issue ouccurs on your screen by three basic steps. Maybe you have searched on the Internet and browsed … Continue reading