How to recover lost file when i lost it?

I was taking my data from my laptop and putted it on an external hard disk, I re-transferred it to a desktop computer but when I was about to have 92% completed, a power serge occurred during the process and I lost the data on the hard disk because its an external hard disk, is there a program to recover lost file.

I don’t know what to do, so search google for “recover lost file”, while i find tenorshare data recovery software can help me, i decided to try it.

Here is a guide about how to recover lost data from hard disk

Step 1:  Download Tenorshare Data Recovery Professional and install it on PC. Run the program. In the main interface, select “Partition Recovery” and one hard disk and then click “Recover Partition Table”.

Step 2: Select the logical or physical hard drive that contains your lost data. (A logical drive means a partition or virtual drive and a physical drive means a whole hard drive. Some drives are divided in to multiple partitions. )Click ‘Scan’ to deeply search for lost data.

Step 3: Select the files list on the taskbar and click ‘Recover’ to start recovering hard drive data.

Step 4: Select a path for the recovered files. Click ‘OK’ to complete hard drive data recovery.

Just follow the above method, i have recovered my lost file, thanks for Tenorshare Data Recovery software, if you met the same trouble, i think you can also try it.


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