Forgot your Windows 8.1 password? Try to remove/change it

Don’t be embrassed when you forgot your Windows 8.1 computer password

It is too much accounts and password that we have to remember in daily life now. So, it is not strange for us to forgot Windows 8.1 computer password. And security is very important, which make us will set our password longer and longer or more and more complex. Those factors also can make us too hard to remember our password.

If your Windows 8.1 computer password get lost, what options can help you?

Well, luckily, developer has thought more about password forgotting. There are some methods can help you login to Windows 8.1 comuter when you have forgot password for your Windows 8.1.

Method 1: Reset your Windows 8.1 account password online officially

Since your computer has been pre-installed Windows 8.1, when you activate your computer, you need to set a Windows account for your device to use all Microsoft service. This account is also your login account for computer, thus the password is used for login to system as well. When you forgot the password, you can follow the guides that is from Microsoft officially to reset your forgotten Windows 8.1 password.

However, this kind resetting just work when you set the Microsoft account as your computer login account, if you use local account and password, Microsoft won’t help you save password information on cloud server, if you still need to reset Windows 8.1 computer login password, official resetting can’t help you.

Methor 2:Guess and have a try your known passord

After you have tried to reset password, and it can’t help you. I think you can take a breath and calm down to think more about any informations of your Windows 8.1 computer password.

Generally, we will set password with some similar information in daily life.
could your Windows 8 password have something to do with:

  • your spouse’s, partner’s, friend’s, or child’s birthday?
  • an aspect of your first, middle, or last name?
  • a favorite set of numbers?
  • a fond memory from childhood?
  • a favorite food or activity?
  • the phone number you remember when you were a kid?
  • where you work or live?
  • your pets?

some combination of the above?

If they are useless, you may need to reinstall your computer system and wipe hard disk data.


reset windows 8.1 computer password


Method 3:You need to use program to help you remove/change password for Windows 8.1

Unfortunately, you still can’t remind of your password, I think you need to use password reset tool for Windows 8.1

Windows Boot Genius is a multi-features program that can help user reser or change Windows computer password.

After installing Windows Boot Genius to computer and launch it. You just follow the steps to change password on Windows 8.1 computer:

Step 1. Select Windows Password Reset and Click “Windows Password Reset” button.

Step 2. In the pop up Windows Password Reset window, select one operating system and click “Next” to continue.

Step 3. You can change, remove Windows local and domain password as well as create a new user account here. Choose one user account first. Then check one option and click “Next” to begin password crack.

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