Using windows 7 boot disk to repair system

What windows 7 boot disk can be used for ?

What if your windows 7 won’t boot up or corrupt unexpectedly, or even come across a significant error. It seems that our life can’t leave from computer any more, but once the issue come up to you, what can you do to repair it? As a matter of fact, there exists a common solution, we can easily deal with the problem through create a windows 7 boot disk. With boot disk we can install and reinstall the windows, and also might help us out when our computer happens upon a significant error arouses windows won’t start. This way, many computer issues might be fixed by start our computer from boot disk. It is really an effective way to remove stubborn errors and find our computer on work quickly.

Troubleshoot system errors by develop a windows 7 boot disk

1. Burn a windows boot disk
You should download Windows Boot Genius and install it into a workable computer ,then insert the CD/USB and run the program burning it .
2. Boot your computer from CD/USB
Start the BIOS and change the Boot Device Priority as the below picture shows, then save changes and exit.

3. Troubleshoot system errors with windows boot disk
Insert the created disk then a WinPE system will comes up to you, click on the Windows Boot Genius icon there on the desktop. After run up this program, config the parameter based on your complaint. This rescuing process would last during first minutes.

By making use of Windows Boot Genius, we can create any windnows boot disk like xp boot disk and vista boot disk. Meanwhile, this kind of boot disk can be used to fix some forms of system errors and boot problems. If you need a boot disk to troubleshoot your system one day, read this tutorial and I am surely believe you’d rescue your operating system soon.

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