When windows 7 recovery disk is in need

In the position that you are unable to start Windows or wish to restore your hard drives to a previous backup you can use a windows recovery disk to restore your system. The process would overwrite the whole contents of your hard drives with the contents of a previously created system image. It is important to note that all of your data will be removed and replaced with the contents of the system image. By this way, you computer can be restored to a period of the best state. To complete the entire process, you can begin with the following steps and you will find that windows 7 recovery is not as hard as you thought of it before.

1. Burn a windows 7 recovery disc or USB drive.
You will need to download Windows Boot Genius and install it to your computer ,then run the program to burn a cd or usb into a bootable one. So a windows 7 recovery disk is created just then.

2. boot your computer from CD/USB
Press F10 or Delete to enter into the BIOS while your computer is initialing . The other step is to choose CDROM or USB Drive as the first option of Boot Device Priority ,then save the alterations and exit.

3.Restore Windows 7 by the disk
Insert the CD/USB and restart your computer, it will starts with a WinPE system, and you can see a “Windows Boot Genius” icon there on desktop, double click it to run the program. After run up this software, config the parameter in accordance with the issue. This recovering process would last during in few minutes.

Through Windows Boot Genius, it is possible to create windows 7 recovery disk, windows 8 recovery disk, or windows xp recovery disk ,but also windows vista recovery disk. It can be used to burn any windows recovery disks. In the event the computer must take a recovery eventually, just follow this tutorial and I am surely assume that you’d rescue your OS soon.

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