How to fix windows 8 black screen of death in hp

Windows 8 black screen on startup of your hp laptop?

Windows 8 goes to a black screen after loading? Never start up even you restart it? Recently, there are a large amount of windows 8 users encounter his computer runs into black screen of death. Their windows 8 won’t boot up and only black screen left, automatic repair makes nothing different to the issue. As a computer engineer, I’d like to share my professional knowledges with anyone in need. To fix the annoying problem,we should know more about the causes of windows 8 black screen on startup.
windows 8 black screen

Why my hp pavilion laptop runs into black screen with windows 8

If your hp pavilion g4 laptop runs into the error of black screen, the first thought would comes up to your mind should “why?”. Allow me to answer this question: Generally, windows 8 boots to black screen can be caused by hardware, software related issues, it is uncertain to ensure what exactly arouse the problem before troubleshoot the computer.
To deal with windows 8 boot error, we can take the following measures .

Repair HP pavilion black screen windows 8

When Windows 8 black screen on hp comes up to you, I think you may search the solution from the internet. Since we can find lots of methods to deal with such a problem, which one of them is the best? According to what I have learned, most of the experience online are useless. The really effective and easiest way to fix windows 8 setup black screen should be the below one:
fix hp laptop black screen

If black screen in windows 8 of your hp laptop is software related, just like infected by virus or malware. Which may be the original reason why the black screen error occurs. In this way, you should better boot you laptop hp with black screen from safe mode and ran up a anti-virus program. But if after a full computer scan had been performed,nothing is found, turn to the next step.

You maybe feel a little frustrating after several tries, take it easy,and follow this solution. Download Windows Boot Genius, a software can be used to fix all computer errors, create bootable CD/USB, recover data lost and unlock windows password, etc. Do it as the wizard showes step by step. Then you can totally solve out the problem at the end of this process.

It is the most effective and convenient method to remove black screen error in windows 8 of hp laptop, you will be surprised with the multifunctional tool, it can really do you a great favor. So you needn’t worried about win 8 black screen come up to your hp laptop any more. It is also helpful to fix other kinds of computer black screen and windows xp, vista and even windows 7 black screen of death.

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