What if windows 8 won’t boot and automatic repair isn’t solving anything?

A trouble of windows 8 won’t start

“So the Windows 8 installation FINALLY worked, thanks to tech support. However, it wouldnt read my NVidia GPU Driver CD, so I restarted the PC. Now it won’t even boot up. It tries and fails twice before saying Automatic Repair failed. And I still can’t get in. “

This is a problem from windows 8 user, but also a common event among windows 8 operating system issues. As this version of windows has been released for some time, its users are increasing all around the world. What a pity is that windows 8 still exists some unstable fators and needs a constant improvement in the future. Although the system owns a function of automatic repair, there are some issues couldn’t be fixed through itself. What if your windows 8 runs into the situation like that ? Take it easy, there’s always a solution.
windows 8 won't boot

To troubleshoot windows 8 won’t boot issues, we should find out the causes of it at first.  1.Check whether the problem comes up after some changes recently or not, if it does, restore the changes under safe mode.
2.Sometimes virus and malware would also prevent windows from starting up normally, then a anti-virus software is necessary to fix them.
3.Corrupt or miss system files is possible to arouses windows 8 boot error, in this way, we’d better restore the system with a recovery disk.

Take the most effective soluiton for windows 8 boot repair

If we can’t recognize the causes of windows 8 won’t boot, and meanwhile the problem couldn’t be fixed manually. Take great advantage of software is a good choice for us. We can find lots kinds of softwares about windows 8 startup repair, but not anyone of them enable us to solve this problem totally. According to my experience on fixing this kind of issue, Windows Boot Genius is the best one to complete the task. It is a multifunctional software which can be used to fix all kinds of computer errors, and even recover deleted data and reset windows password. We can free download it from the official site, then install it in a workable computer. Boot the computer that can’t boot with a rescue disk created by the software. Then fix the issue with the help of Windows Boot Genius.
solution to windows 8 won't boot
If you can’t boot windows 8, if the windows 8 automatic repair makes no difference, just try the solution above. It is available and effective for you to rescue the operating system. Far more information you can visit: http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/win8/windows-8-wont-boot.html

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