How to repair windows won’t start

Windows won’t start can take place at any time, it is often caused by unexpected system errors such as “BOOTMGR is Compressed”, “Missing or corrupt Ntfs.sys”, “hal.dll missing”, ” MBR Error “, “invalid boot.ini”,”bad sectors”,”Disk Boot Failure”, “Invalid Partition Table”, “Error loading operating system”, “ntoskrnl.exe missing”. They are the common errors which always frustrate users emotion deeply as most of us know little about how to deal with them. As a matter of fact, they are not dreadful at all if we get to know their causes and find a proper solution to them.

Cases of computer errors arouse windows won’t boot

Disk Boot Failure is a problem which arises when you try to boot the computer from the files installed on a disk which could be hard disk”.
disk boot failure

Invalid Partition Table would come up if any of the files are not working properly or the system is not able to recognize the memory portions.
invalid partition table

Error Loading Operating System error occurs when there is an issue with the way the BIOS and the Windows XP operating system are communicating with each other. Most commonly, the BIOS has an issue where it does not support or has no way to correctly manage the capacity of the hard drive that Windows XP was installed to.
error loading operating system

ntoskrnl.exe missing error are mostly caused by a missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe or hall.dll file, or by a missing or corrupt boot.ini file.

There are many reasons for a BOOTMGR is Compressed error, for example, the system drive has been compressed by mistake, an incompatible driver has been installed, the system has been infected by virus, etc.
Missing or corrupt Ntfs.sys issue is known to be caused by one or more of the below causes:Hard drive is converted from FAT32 to NTFS and during the process corrupts the ntfs.sys file,other software or malware corrupts or deletes the ntfs.sys file,overclocking or heat related issues.
bootmgr is compressed

hal.dll missing generally occurs when the boot.ini becomes corrupted or when a user is attempting to dual boot a computer.
hal.dll missing

For MBR Error, viruses and malware are one of the most frequent causes but, any file can become corrupted especially files that are accessed as frequently as the MBR.

invalid boot.ini error can be caused by many events, A partial installation steup, a partial uninstall, incorrect deletion of programs or computer hardware.”bad sectors” is another common system error, it would result in data lost or system runs unstable.
invalid boot.ini

Bad sector would sometimes arouse our windows won’t boot too, so Fix bad sectors is important to protect your data from missing.

All in one solution to fix windows won’t boot

Step one. Create a bootable disk by the software
Download Tenorshare Windows Boot Genius, a multiple windows repair tool which can be used to fix all computer errors, create bootable CD/USB, recover data lost and unlock windows password, etc. Install it into a workable computer, then run it and burn a USB flash drive or CD into a bootalbe one.

Step two. Set computer boot from CD-ROM or USB flash drive
Press F10 or Delete key to enter the BIOS while computer initializing, choose CD-ROM or USB flash drive as the first option of Boot Device Priority under Boot Menu. Press F10 to save the changes and exit.

Step three. Start fixing computer error by the powerful tool
After reboot the computer, we’ll enter into a Win PE system. Then double click the “Windows Boot Genius” icon on the desktop, follow the wizard to fix error step by step.

The whole process can be completed in no minutes, it is the easiest and most effective solution to fix computer errors I have ever seen. With this solution, we needn’t worried about windows won’t boot caused by computer errors any more.

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